Saturday, October 11, 2014

An Open Letter to Hrithik Roshan: Mehreen Quadri

Dear Hrithik Roshan-Man,

Do you know how to work like a Woman? I am a little more offended by your latest statement “Katrina works like a man” which you gave to Ahmedabad Times, published on 29th September, 2014. You have been tagged as one of the most respected actors and you have gain tremendous fame and success in the Film Industry. But you need to understand how a woman literally works. A Woman is the strongest among all the creatures. A man may work for 10 hours a day to earn his bread, but a woman has an ability to perform the roles of the Bread maker and the Bread earner together. 
A woman can equally work like a man in your article you have acknowledged Katrina Kaif stating that she amazes you with her hard work. But they why do you have to connect ‘hard work’ with the work of a man? Katrina Kaif is an independent, experienced and talented actress. She has reached the heights of success through her own self and hard work. She isn’t a man so she just cannot work like a man. Instead, her skills and work have inspired a lot of girls in India and abroad. 
You also mentioned in the article that “Also, she is a feminine energy, which is just beautiful”. Are you trying to say that girls who are not so feminine are not beautiful? She is a female; of course she would have a feminine energy. Hard work, success and beauty cannot be discriminated on the basis of the sex on the individual. It’s her/his inner being which makes them unique from others and not their sex.
A girl who proudly works like a woman!

About the author: Mehreen is a student of Economics and a fresh fellow at Sauhard. She is also part of Sauhard's core team. She aspires to become a photographer.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Walls So High: Bhoosha Tharyani

Patli galiyon se guzarte toh kabi gandgi me sambhalte
Murjha rahe kamal kahi, keechad me nai falte
Hosh gava behosh bane, ye insan yuhi palte
Na dhool ade na paseena sukhe, dhoop me ye jalte.

Commencing the Swachh Bharat Mission on the 2nd October, 2014 and trying to save the environment for a day, questions every citizen what about the maids and the road sweepers who do it every day.  We felt proud while sweeping the roads and cleaning the city with a broom. Can we not clean our minds a bit?
Talking about the Environment Day on the 5th June and following the footsteps of Bapu on 2nd October, aren’t we not avoiding the support system of our house and country that have been doing the same work continuously. We have not been able to peek from the high walls built by our mind and cross the boundaries to join hands and share duties of the Dalits who are still born as untouchables and by birth they are assigned duties of cleaning the dirt off the shoes of the class above. Not denying the fact that they are paid for the work they do but is it balanced?
A Rs.20 note for bonus and payment (after bargaining) for collecting the garbage from your doorstep every morning, scolding and abusing and finally agreeing to pay Rs. 30 to the lady who cleaned the compound, lawns and parking area of your home along with sweeping away the dog’s poop and a mere Rs. 50 to the person who jumps in your water tank which you don’t know how deep would that be. Is the cost of his life is just Rs. 50?
Imagining a day without them is a nightmare to many women and households. I can try making a list of the responses if they miss a day from work.
Maid- “Hey bhagwaan, nai aa rahi aj. Matlab jhadu, pota or bartan sab karna hai. Lag ja kaam par. Chhod pota kal maaregi aa kar. Aane do, ek din ki pagaar katungi. Diwali ka bonus toh ab bhool hi jao”.
Car cleaner- “Pipe laga kar dhota hai fir bhi chutti chaie. Aisa toh kya kaam karta hai jo Sunday ko chhutti mangta hai”.
Garbage collectors- “Itna kachra hai, dustbin bhar gaya. Ab overflow hone ka wait karu? Ab ye gandagi fekne kon jaega”.
Seriously? That helpless? And still no respect for them? Just by giving bonus and donating some old clothes and utensils you think you have done your bit? Are you sure?
It’s easy to order, tough to request. It’s easy to earn at times and tough to beg.  Imagine you are working and your child begging. The same is what a Dalit faces today. Work for hours to spend on a day’s meal of family. Nothing can be saved to put their children in a school which is why they end up begging to support their family. If not begging, then collecting waste from the streets. Is it the future you would wish for your children?
It’s not that we’re the only one to be blamed. As usual, the blame can’t be on just one hand if the sound is created by clapping both hands- the System. The work distribution to the payment strategy is upon us. We can manipulate them the way we want. But can’t the system stop us from that knowing how they are being treated? Narendra Modi, our respectful Prime Minister, can pose sweeping on streets but didn’t feel the plight of a Dalit who does it every morning before someone wakes up.
We leave our diamonds if they fall into a sewage line but it’s where a scavenger dives if drainage has to be set or if it is choked. We don’t want to make our hands dirty and stinky but they take a dip into it and stay there for hours together. Liquor is what the master provides to get him going into the black water.
No gloves, no clothes, no vaccinations to protect.
No mask, no shame does it resist.
Fear to lose, fear of cries, avoid him to protest.
“Yes sir, Yes sir. It’ll be done”. “Perfect.”

About the author: Bhoosha is a journalism student from Vadodra. Her passion for events lead her to start her own events company. Besides that she likes to read and express through poetry. She wishes to make it big in the entertainment industry, our own Bollywood!