Saturday, November 21, 2015

Why I don’t support France: Shalkie

Why I don’t support France, 

and any other nation who has decided to wage war, as they say.

Last week after the dreadful terrorist attack in the French capital, Facebook recommended me to add the French tricolor filter to my profile picture to show my support. And I did not. I still won’t because I didn’t support France then, and I don’t today. Before you begin to brand me , I will like you to know that I  like anyone have mourned the loss of life and my condolences are with the families of the victims and survivors likewise, and all the French people who had to wake up to such disaster in their very midst. But I still don’t support France, because if I say that I support France I will be saying yes to the country’s decision for war and the intensified air strikes in Syria. To which I vehemently oppose.
Since the night of the attacks, Raqqa in Syria has been continuously subjected to air strikes by France, Russia, and USA and they have caused the damaged to already ABANDONED posts, hospitals and bridges, cutting off water and electricity supplies for the city. Oh but let me remind you this is nothing new for the Syrian civilians of course, their every night since last five years have been like this. What difference does these strikes make, right? People in the St. Denis suburb of Paris had to wake up to brutal sounds of gunfight between the police and the terrorist congregation on Wednesday morning; it was in all true sense a horrifying experience. But let me again remind you, this is all the Syrians have heard for past five years. My point? If violence does not belong in one part of the world, it doesn’t even belong in another. In fact violence does not belong anywhere. ISIS was born because of the violence, so who are these armed alliances trying to kill by violence, something which takes birth from it? So if the people in the diplomatic positions of these countries think that retaliating to already a retaliated attack is there exposition of not being afraid and an approach towards attaining peace? Don’t try to fool yourself, and don’t even try to fool the world.

Another thing that devastates me is the sudden overturn of the countries’ and several states of one country’s refugee policies. To escape the barbarous torture posed by ISIS, the Assad forces, other neighboring countries’ forces, and many other contributing factors, thousands of innocent souls finally had chance to see the daylight. I don’t know if these countries have realized how lucky they are to stand at such fortunate position where they can afford to give shelter and share their resources with the people in the need, something that many other countries just cannot.  Two things that I would like to highlight from the investigation that has followed are that: 1) all the terrorists were EU nationals, none of them were from Syria they did however travel to Syria to join Islamic State and 2) they did return back to their respective countries with the damaged psyche and some of them may have taken advantage of the refugee route. From the first point we can infer that the process of radicalization for these young terrorists actually began on the European ground. And from the second we can say that it brings forth the faults in the security and the screening process at these EU borders despite these terrorists being on the high alert list. The reason that I have listed these two points is because these are the two developments in the timeline for which if proper measures and precautions were taken at the right time in the history, the Paris attack would not have taken place. So thousands of refugees looking for rehabilitation are not responsible for anything and stripping them of their chance for new life is nothing but an irrational move and a highly political in USA.
Just remember when one migrant boat capsizes, 200 people die.
Also I congratulate French intelligence into preventing another attack.

The only reason why I am writing this is because even when I didn’t belong anywhere in the vicinity of the situation, I was very much disturbed with the attacks and the loss of life, my closest knows. I hold ISIS accountable as much as anyone is and in no way they should escape out of the consequences.