Sunday, October 18, 2015

Gujjus ROCK: Gaurang Raval

Yeah! This time, Gujjus have not only rocked navaratri with dodhiyu, popatiyu, be tali and heech but also rocked our tradition to celebrate diversity. Gujjus have rocked in real sense by staying united over threats given by a few groups to restrict non Hindus from entering Garba venues. Not only the Khelaiyas, but also the organizers have defeated the shameful attempt to divide people on the basis of religion and create fear among non Hindu youth. 

However, Gujjus known for playing Garba in every possible occasion, showed that love and celebration among communities are far more powerful than hate.

I am sure, we will be able to preserve our true culture of equality and unity in diversity for centuries to come. Don't forget, Christmas, Eid, Kite Flying festival, and many more festivals are coming soon and Gujjus would celebrate all these festivals inclusively !!

About author: Gaurang is the co-founder and currently the managing trustee of Sauhard. He strongly strongly advocates principles of  equality and social inclusion.   

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